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Report Cards

New Jersey public schools up close

How wide is the achievement gap at your local school? What kind of progress are its students making? How does its graduation rate stack up to the rates of schools across New Jersey? Find out out with JerseyCAN’s 2013 School Report Cards. This online database provides information in five categories of student achievement for New Jersey's public schools and school districts.

JerseyCAN’s report cards are a helpful and easy tool that give parents a deeper understanding of how their neighborhood school is serving its students. We're focusing on a few key areas to allow parents to compare schools easily and then seek out more information as needed.
—Ann Borowiec, JerseyCAN board member

It's important to know where our schools need to improve, but it's also nice to celebrate schools that are already doing an outstanding job. JerseyCAN’s report cards do both.
—Governor Tom Kean